Life can be crazy with all of the things that we have to do everyday; keeping the house in decent shape, cooking, feeding and taking care of pets, school, craft projects, work, kids, dance classes and sports, the list goes on.  Don’t forget exercise and eating right.  It’s hard enough to carve out some free time just to watch TV but it’s a whole other story when you have a hobby or other project that you are trying to work on at the same time.

For me, it’s my writing, I am supposed to write everyday.  I would love to write 2,000 words a day.  Some days the 2,000 word count is easy to achieve and other days I find myself hovering at 600 words.  

I have days that I spend 99% of the day doing all of those things on my to do list and 1% on writing.  There are other days that I write most of the day and everything falls to the way side.  The worst is when things get all crazy and most of the day is spent doing something you weren’t even planning on doing.  So, then the next day you have to play catch up.  I am tired of pushing my writing to the side, but at the same time letting the house and other things slide doesn’t work either.   Sometimes it seems a bit impossible.

I was reminded that it’s all about balance.  It’s something you would have thought I would remember seeing as I am a Libra.  The sign that is represented by the scales, symbolizing the principle of symmetry and balance.   
The search for peace and harmony in my life is definitely important.  Just like eating right, it’s all about moderation, a little of this and a little of that.   You have to spend time doing stuff you’d rather not be doing so that you can also spend time doing what you love.
This year I am going to work on the balance of my life.  I can work on a little housecleaning in the morning, projects in the afternoon with free time and writing at night.