Another Monday…

It’s Monday and I am trying to get a good start for the week.  I usually write these at night but I had some free time this morning.  I’ve already done my Shimmy episode and started on my first tumbler of water.  Yay me!

Day 11

1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 11 (hip circle, Egyptian figure eight, and the Turkish bump)

3.  Writing  –  

4.  Exercises –  Abs and legs/Stretching

5.  Project –  Master bedroom/bathroom (2×20 minutes)


Too many steps…

It drives me a little batty that I can never just get up and do something for me.  It seems like every time I plan on doing something for me there’s a list of tasks that I have to do first.  For example, earlier tonight I wanted to go do my Shimmy workout.  I got up to go in the other room, Sully had just started watching a movie trailer and stopped to watch, halfway through the trailer I left to get started.  I got the DVD player on and then realized that our mostly blind Labrador followed me into the other room.  That means I would spend the next half hour with him bumping into me.  Logically, the alternative is to let him outside, but this means that I have to let the other dog in and crate him.  So, five minutes later I finally got to start my workout, five minutes after that the dog I let out started barking.  I made him wait until a break in the workout to let him back in, it really makes me crazy.

Honestly, I realize that half the time the delays and extra tasks are my own doing.  I get up to turn on the dryer and I realize that I need to dump the trash and feed the cats their canned food, oh and since I am in the hall I might as well grab my craft stuff.  It’s good that I can and do multitask but I’ve got to just get stuff done and finished.

Overall, today was a good day.  My friend, ‘Tia’ needed us to watch her daughter ‘Lilo’ today and tomorrow.  Lilo is almost five and quite cute inside and out, we had a lot of fun.  Sully stated at the end of the day, “boy, she’s a pip.”  Boo had a lot of fun and got a glimpse of what it would be like to have a little sister.

Day 7

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 7 (grapevine traveling step, head slides and hip circles)

3.  Writing  –  Notebook re-org

4.  Exercises – Arms workout and stretching

5.  Project –  Great room (20 minutes)


Working it out…

Last night didn’t go as planned.  At about 10:00 I got really tired, I decided to take my shower and after that my stomach was so upset.  I laid down just before 11pm and I was out for the count.  I missed my arm workout but since Sunday is a free day I can get back on track that day without messing up my 21 day challenge.  I had gotten everything else done before that.  So, yay me!  I think my tummy problem was more muscle soreness than general nausea.  Apparently I needed the sleep too.

I feel much better today and we are having a good day of swimming and watching the Olympic Trials.  The trials are a good mix of Swimming, Track and Field and Gymnastics.  I can’t believe they hold the trials only a few weeks before the Olympics start.  I guess it is good for picking the athletes that are ready right now to compete but it must be hard for families to plan ahead for getting to the Games.  How do they get plane tickets and event tickets?  Much less hotel rooms, kind of crazy.

After dinner I worked on finally sewing the curtains for the master bathroom.  For the beach theme I picked out a dark teal color.  I kind of wanted to get a blue, like azure or blue topaz but the towels are a light teal and this was a close as I could get.  The dark teal is really pretty regardless of where it’s going, and it looks good in the bathroom.  I will try to add a picture of the final result later in the week.

Dinner tonight was so good.  We had salmon with tomatoes, avocados and hummus, pita chips and pesto pasta salad for dinner.  It felt like a feast, really one of my favorite meals now.  I think a regular green salad would’ve gone great with everything too.

Day 3

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 3 (hip piston, snake arms, three quarter shimmy)

3.  Writing  –  Brainstorm Timeline

4.  ExercisesArms workout and stretching

5.  Project –  Craft room (20 minutes)


Shaking it…

I am so happy to be belly dancing again.  I need to find a class to take after I finish the episodes of Shimmy.   Maybe that can be a reward for one of my challenges.   I’ve been wanting a belly dance workout outfit from MissBellydance.com for a long time.  I think I have already mentioned that months ago.   When I finish this 21 day challenge I think I will reward myself with the outfit I want.

I really enjoy belly dancing, the movement is something that seems to come naturally to me.  Don’t get me wrong, there are moves that take me a while to figure out and even some that I can only do slowly and then completely fail at when sped up.  I am hoping I will be able to pick up those moves as I dance through the other episodes.  Either way, I am really enjoying the workouts.  I don’t know if it’s just the physical benefits or that I am actually enjoying doing some stuff for me.

Day 2

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 2 (Egyptian step, hip circles, Turkish figure eight)

3.  Writing  –  Brainstorming session about mystery storyline

4.  Exercises Arms workout/stretching

5.  Project –  Backyard – raking (15 minutes)


Good habits…

I wrote back in February about how there is a lot of talk that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  You can Google “21 days to form a habit” and get a few dozen results.

In fact, I found this, MamaJenn has a great blogpost about using the 21 days to change your life.  She created a lovely printable to help you keep track.

Mamajenn’s printable –  21 Days to Becoming {Habit Forming Printable}


 I’ve thought about my June +1 activities and came up with five things that are important and that I really need to work on.  I’ve got 21 days to make them habits. If I make it through the 21 days having done all five things everyday then I am going to reward myself with something nifty*.  

 Here is my list…

 1.  Drink 3 – 24 oz. tumblers of water EVERY day.

2.  Watch and dance/exercise to an episode of Shimmy, EVERY day.

3.  Write, edit or plan, but work on my writing, EVERY day.  (See the recurring theme?)

4.  Keep up with the weight and strength exercises, EVERY day.

 5. 15 minute project – set timer do as much as I can in 15 minutes.  EVERY day.

Everyday I will report on my daily results.  I’ll keep track of the day and progress below the “21 Days for Me!” banner.   I think I have picked the right combination of activities, health, fitness, personal, and household stuff.  It’s the usual stuff I have to deal with every day, this is more manageable.  I’ve got a plan, now it’s time to get started.

*To be determined later.

Day 1

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 1  

3.  Writing  –  Outlining

4.  Exercises – Abs/leg workout

5.  Project –  Craft room (15 minute timer)


***** I had a difficult time getting the Shimmy DVD to play.  I didn’t give up though and found a solution.  Yay me!