Rainy crafty day…

It was a pretty good day.  We had an uncharacteristically rainy day today.  Usually in the summer we get monsoon storms that develop in the afternoons and bring dust storms, wind and sometimes rain in the evening.  The day started out overcast and just got darker and darker.  Just after lunch the rain started and kept up for over an hour.  It flooded our backyard and overfilled our pool.  It was crazy and I loved it.

Boo and I spent the afternoon sewing.  Boo wanted a tote bag to use at the beach and we used the same pattern I used for my embroidery machine.


Day 16 

1.  Water –  2 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 16 (flame, ripple and 1, 2, 3 pop)

3.  Writing  –  

4.  Exercises –  Stretching

5.  Project –  Garage (2 x 30 minutes)


School daze…

I posted the following on Facebook the other day…

“I just spent the last hour working on the school calendar for next year. 5th grade? When did that happen? :)”

I can’t believe Boo is going into the 5th grade next year.  Apparently, I am not the only one.  Lily commented, ” I demand a recount!” and Faith asked, “Yeah, how’d THAT happen?”  Both comments made me laugh and reminded me that every mom goes through that moment when they realize so much time has gone by.  

Boo is ten years old now, eleven in October, that means we’re more than halfway to her being an adult.  Ugh, I don’t even want to think about it.

I am so grateful for homeschooling and that it allows me that extra time with her.  It’s been challenging this year, given all of the family issues.  One of the nice things about homeschooling is the flexibility.  I had a couple of people that suggested that if Boo had been in school we wouldn’t have to catch up over the summer.  They are right, I did point out though that Boo got time with her grandpa that she wouldn’t have gotten if she were in school.  Now that he is gone she really cherishes those last few weeks with him.  When it’s all said and done, Boo will remember her special time with Papa more than she will remember that school stretched a few weeks into the summer.

Our school year is 32 weeks long, 16 weeks before Christmas, and 16 weeks after New Year’s.  The 16 weeks is divided into two 8 week sessions, with a week or so off in between sessions.  This system has worked great for us and I have been able to tweak all of our curriculum to fit.  Some subjects have five lessons a week and others have only four per week.  The handwriting curriculum has 64 lessons, that works out to 4 lessons per week for 16 weeks.  It works perfectly, we use one book in the Fall and the next book in the Spring.  She gets Friday off from handwriting which she thinks is great.

It’s all about planning which I do constantly.  I usually start planning for the next school year in March or April.  It’s a lot of work, researching curriculum and classroom ideas for the next year.

It’s completely worth it though.  At least, I know that Boo is learning and we don’t have to worry about her dealing with some of the awful things that we hear about on the news.

June+1My June +1 for today is sit ups.  I am adding sit ups to my daily exercise routine, arms exercises are doing well on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays.

Timely fashion…

We spent most of the weekend at Phoenix Comicon and we were quite fascinated by some of the cosplay outfits worn by the attendees.  Boo and I were especially taken by the Steampunk costumes.  

What is Steampunk?  The basic idea is Victorian period mixed with advanced technology.  Think the old ‘Wild Wild West’ TV show or the new “Sherlock Holmes’ movies.  You can go Steampunk.com for the in depth explanation.  

The outfits are a great mix of Victorian styles with various fabrics including leather and adorned with metal pieces like gears and clocks.  I loved the beautiful pieces found at Corset Story.  Other steampunk items including clothing, footwear, hats and weapons can be found at Museum Replicas.

It’s all way cool.  Boo and I are thinking about going Steampunk next year.  Simplicity patterns were on sale this weekend at Joann’s.  Look what we found…



These are all available at Simplicity.com and most likely at your local fabric store.  Keep an eye out for sales because they can be pricey. 

These are awesome patterns and I am already looking at fabric and color combinations.  It should be interesting to see what Boo and I come up with.  


Boo at the zoo…

The sleepover was a hit and our plan for the child handover was to meet at the zoo.  It’s a beautiful day but also a holiday.  I prayed for a rainy day but it just didn’t happen.

I was excited to see the zoo, I hadn’t been there since I was pregnant with Boo.  We went there that last week before she was born.  Sully was trying to help distract me, I had been having contractions on and off for a week.  I was nervous and tired and ready to be done with the waiting.  I had spent most of my pregnancy in a panic and I just wanted my healthy baby.  Sully was a rock, he was stable and funny, and we had a great time.

My excitement died down to general happiness as we began to walk.  Our local zoo has an amazing amount of hills to climb up and down on your way between exhibits.  About three quarters of our way through the zoo my calves and shins started screaming.    By the time we got to the car, I was really happy to just sit down.  I was pretty happy… until we got home and I had to get out of  the car.  Ouch!

I was exhausted and sore but it was good.  Boo had a lot of fun and Kayla had a great time.  I will take that success any day.