Never enough time…

That’s Hunter, my sweet Labrador, taken about three years ago.  I was asking him if he’d been digging and he was acting casual.  Of course, if you look closely he’s got dirt on his nose and on his right paw.  I wasn’t buying his innocent act, at all, but he was too cute to be mad at.  

Hunter had his thirteenth birthday in October.  He was born the same week that Sully and I started dating.  In fact, I gave Sully one of his littermates as my first Christmas gift to him.  So, when we got married we had two crazy Labradors galloping through the back yard.  Playing ball started early, Hunter could barely hold a tennis ball in his mouth and always outlasted the other dogs.  Hunter was always the calmer of the two, and adapted well to hanging out in the house.  We still have a hard time with Foley being in the house.  He gets so excited that he wags his tail until the tip is bleeding.  

The sad part of this story is that we lost Hunter tonight.  He was such a sweet boy.  He was laying in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.  I stopped to give him scratch behind the ears and a kiss on his head and brought dinner into the other room.  When I went back to the kitchen after dinner he was gone.  I am sorry that he was alone but maybe he was just waiting for his goodnight kiss.

Holiday thought…

It’s time to cherish the little moments.  Take the time play ball with the dog or pet the cat.  The laundry or the sweeping, or even work will still be there in five minutes.  Enjoy those little moments because you don’t know how many more might be left.


Moving along…

 So, my ankle is better than yesterday but still kind of achy.  I made it until about 2:00 this afternoon and then I had to sit.  I got my laptop and my drink, put my ankle up with an ice pack.  I figured I was ready to write.

NaNo is going pretty well.  Changing around the chapter order from my rough draft has helped a lot more than I realized.  I’ve already gotten to 12,000 words and I am fairly happy with how it looks (or reads).  Hopefully, the rewrites for this story will continue to go as easy.

Today, I am thankful that the elections are over.  I was so sick of the commercials, most of the local ads were attacking the other candidate.
I am also really glad that Sully got to work from home today.  We both needed it.

It’s about time…

It’s Tuesday and that means that Sully is working in the office today.  Work has been a bit stressful for him over the last few weeks.  Every year his company threatens lay offs and everyone freaks out between September and December.  It’s a bit ridiculous how they use fear to control I mean, motivate the employees.  It doesn’t help that every year they host a huge employee retreat in Hawaii.  Supposedly it’s to reward people for sales and other accomplishments but it’s the same people every year.  This year they didn’t even try act like they were taking the top people.  Usually the top person from each area is invited, this year, they combined the top people from three areas and picked one name.    

So every year, either right before the retreat or right after they get back the lay- off talk starts.  About the same time each year, they shuffle around the bigwigs, some go but most of them just get a new title.  The whole thing is frustrating.

Sully came home annoyed, their whole group is giving up a telecommuting day.  It’s a bummer because it means we will be spending more money on gas and lunches.  It’s not a huge amount but the 25 mile one way trip adds up. 

The cost is a bummer, for sure but the real issue is the time.  Sully and I really treasure the time we have together and his being able to telecommute several times a week is one of the best things about his job.  We know firsthand that life is unpredictable and time is fleeting.  You never know what tomorrow will bring and that you have to make the most of now.  Nobody looks back on their life and thinks ‘I wish I had worked more.’   We are confident that we will be able to look back and feel comfortable that we took advantage of the time given to us together.  My parents met when they were 14 years old and got married at 22 and were happy until my mom passed at the age of 65.  Sully and I didn’t meet until I was 30, we both kind of feel like we have a lot of time to make up.

It’s just more incentive for me to write my book so he doesn’t have to worry.


Better, not bitter…

I saw this quote posted on Facebook and it made me think.  I have had some good things happen and I have also had my share of hard times.  It would be easy to sit and wallow in the misery of those hard times.  I have never been one to wallow for very long, ok, yeah, I definitely have my moments of self pity.  Those moments are short and I usually snap out of it to take care of everyone else.  At my father’s funeral people kept asking me how I was doing.  I just kept saying, “Hanging in there.”  I mean, honestly, how is anyone supposed to answer that question?  I was more worried about making the other person happy than answering with the truth.  It was a good thing though because it distracted me for a few hours.

All of those moments good and bad can change us either for better or for worse depending on how we deal with them.  I could focus on missing my father but instead I think about all of the memories and the lessons he taught me.  I could look back at bad decisions I made in my life and regret them, instead I how I made the right decisions to get back on track.  I focus on the positive, it’s the only way to keep moving forward.


The Price of Beauty…

I have spent the last day and a half looking at the Beautypedia website.  In my quest to take better care of myself I have decided to at least attempt to maybe wear makeup every once and a while.   I realized that I hadn’t bought mascara in years.  I have had new mascara, mind you, Faith gave me some Mary Kay mascara last year and my sister gave me a gift set the year before that had mascara.  The thing is though that in recent years there have been a lot of changes in regards to mascara.  There is plumping mascara, lengthening mascara, thickening mascara, waterproof mascara, non-clumping mascara, curling mascara and probably ten others that I didn’t mention.  It’s a little much just for gunk to put on your eyelashes.  I am not that picky, I want something that will stay on my eyelashes, mascara that separates my lashes and that I don’t have to use lighter fluid to get it off at night.  Oh, I also have no need for huge, fake looking Spider Lady of the Black Night eyelashes either.

In the reviews on Beautypedia, I noticed that they were keeping track of which companies test their products on animals.  I am actually surprised that so many companies are still doing this.  Being the owner of two rabbits, I can’t reconcile hurting animals for the off chance someone might look a little better.  My bunnies are sweet and loving, I would never want anything to happen to them.  (Why yes, I did say bunnies.  They are super adorable.  Check out the pictures!)

DSCF1163 - Copy

My sweet bunnies, Cuba (left) and Dizzy (above).











I was happy to learn that Mary Kay and Revlon, the two cosmetic brands I have used the most in the recent past, do not test on animals.  I was not happy to see that Neutrogena. Cover Girl, and a host of others still do animal testing.  I am really disappointed with Neutrogena, which I have used  since high school but no more.  I am still on the hunt for a few things I need.  I will probably stick with Mary Kay or Revlon, I have liked them before and like them even more now that I know they aren’t hurting my bunny friends.

I am not a crazy animal activist.  PETA annoys me with their over the top reactions to things but I do love and care about animals and how they are treated.  I donate money to animal rescues and charities.  I do my best to help all animals and so, I will avoid buying products from companies that aren’t animal friendly.  It’s not worth hurting another living creature for any reason and especially not for fake beauty.