Rack ’em up…

I’ve got my costumes hung and bagged but I don’t have any place to put them.  I’ve looked at inexpensive garment racks but I’d rather not spend a lot of money on anything until I know what I really need and where I am going to put the rack.  I looked around online and read several different suggestions for garment racks.  There was the usual plans for building out of wood, metal pipe, PVC pipe as well as a temporary solution using ladders.

I chose the temporary solution.  Here’s a picture of a cozy and stylish version.

The nice clean wooden ladders look pretty.  The clothes rod appears to be a metal pipe.  A wooden closet rod could also be used.

Mine is much less cozy and stylish.  I am using two utility type ladders that look more like this one.  Even better, I have one green ladder and one orange ladder which adds to the lack of cozy.  I am also using a plain 2″x 2″ that is 8 feet long.  

I would add a picture of my rack (I can hear Sully snickering, a picture of the garment rack.  Sheesh!).  Anyway, no picture, my garage is a mess and I don’t want photographic proof.

I set up the ladders and they take up a fair amount of room but that’s not an issue  at this point.  I used zip ties to secure the 2×2 board to the tops of the ladders.  the hangers hung well on the square rod, they don’t slide but I don’t need that right now.  I’ve hung our costumes from this year, our vampire year, most of Boo’s dance recital costumes and the costumes I decorated with.  There might be a few more in the storage box that can be hung but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, I am thankful for the internet.  I enjoy researching projects and getting fifty different ideas on how to do it.  It’s fun to look at everything and then come up with my own version.  I am also thankful that today was a pretty stress free day.  I needed one of those.  🙂


Planning stages…

For the last two weeks, the cushions for the couch have been leaning against a bookcase in the Great Room.  Boo is super excited about decorating for Halloween but the house needs to be straightened up a lot more before that’s going to happen.  The cushions being the biggest issue.  I had been saying I was in the planning stages but no one was going to buy that at this point.  I was stuck and  I admit it, I was procrastinating.  The cushion covers I made before were easy, two square panels and some velcro and I was done.  


They looked like these floor pillows.

This time I was dealing with foam that was 4″ thick along with the batting wrapped around it.  We’re talking side panels now.






My cushions will look like these.  Almost exactly like these, I decided not to do piping around the cushion edges.  I didn’t think it would look all that good with the denim or with the style of our couch.  And honestly, I had no desire to muck around with sewing the piping.  How’s that for a straight answer?


I found a great tutorial on eHow online that explained how to put the cushion together.  The instruction by Karen Weisman was very helpful.  Check it out here.  I think I am prepared to actually start on the cushions.

Earlier tonight I got my sewing machine out and did some quick mending.  After that I cut out a few of the pieces I will need for the cushions.  I wanted at least one full set so I could  sew it together and make sure it worked.  

Cross your fingers, I’ll check in tomorrow with an update.


A little luck…

…can go a long way.

Sunday night I gave Faith a big pep talk peppered with many pictures of Johnny Depp.  Every time she mentioned being nervous about the surgery I would send a picture of Johnny Depp.  It made her laugh.  I figured by the time she went to the hospital that every time she heard someone say surgery she would think ‘hey!  Johnny Depp.’

She had surgery this morning on her back and last night she was seriously nervous, naturally.  Surgery went well and she is well on her way to a  full recovery.

Here’s the deal, I sent a lot of luck to Faith, for her to be calm, not scared and of course for the surgery to go well.  Judging on the beginning of my day, it seems that I sent all of my luck to her.

I started out the day knowing that I had a bunch to do right off.  The bunnies needed hay which meant that I had to gather together the plastic containers that I use for storing the hay.  I also had to clean out my van so that the containers could be put in the back.   I also needed to set up the portable A/C unit in the garage for the dogs in the afternoon.  None of these jobs are complicated, tedious and annoying, if not a bit time consuming.

So, where’s the hay, Mom?

I got the hay containers gathered and the van cleaned out.  The plan was to go get the hay after Boo’s swim lesson.  I wasn’t thrilled about being outside at noon packing a bale of hay into plastic containers but you do what needs to be done, right?  After swim class we went down to the feed store, no Timothy hay.  Hopefully, they will have it this weekend, otherwise not until the following weekend.  Seriously not happy.

There’s a feed store about 15 miles away but I was really not in the mood to drive that far in 114 degree heat.  Maybe I’ll go Wednesday morning to pick it up or see if I can’t wait for the weekend.  In the meantime, I can pick up bags of hay at Petsmart.

It’s great that I have that option but, of course, that means I have to go out again today to get hay.  It’s annoying it messes up my day, if I have I errands to run I like getting them over and done with.  That way afterwards I can go home and get work done around the house.  There’s always some project that I am working on.

So, the hay situation was resolved and now it was time to deal with the portable A/C unit in the garage.  During the winter, I store the rolling unit covered in the box it came in.  It’s more of a sleeve really, no bottom, no top but it protects it during storage.  I made a top for the box and use the space over it for storing wicker baskets and other lightweight items during cooler temperatures. 

 So, of course, all of that needed to be moved.  It doesn’t really matter that I don’t have a spot for any of it.  My garage is still a mess from Christmas, another source of frustration.  The Christmas decorations are all put away, for the most part, I did come across a stray box of stuff, I am hoping I can just stack it with the other Christmas boxes without having to shift too much.

Anyway, back to the A/C unit, I moved everything around, uncovered the unit hooked up the vent hose and then spent about two hours looking for the heavy duty extension cord that we bought specifically for the A/C unit.   I looked in all of the places that I normally would keep an extension cord and then just kept looking.  I finally gave up, I found another extension cord and was pleased that it didn’t trip the breaker for the garage.

***Update***  I actually found the heavy duty extension cord in the same area that I keep the rabbit hay.  No idea why it was there but I never would have found it if we hadn’t been out of hay.  Weird.

June+1My June +1 today was making a to do list for this week that’s all about taking better care of me.



Clearing the clutter…

I have been working on packing up the Christmas decorations that have been adorning my house since the first weekend after Thanksgiving.  As much as I love the decorations, I always feel a sense of calm and certainty wash over the inside of the house as I slowly get the rooms back to normal.  It’s never quite normal though, each year we find something to change and eventually make better for the house.

I usually start my Spring cleaning as soon as the Christmas decorations are put away.  In Arizona that makes sense because Spring usually only lasts about three weeks before we start the fast sprint to the 100 plus degree days of summer.

I am finding that I need to cut some of the clutter personally, as well.  I have all of these unhappy thoughts and voices running through my head.  No, I don’t hear voices, it’s just my own critic giving me the what for.  Those voices and comments have to go, I don’t need the negativity.  So now I am replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.

When I hear that evil whisper that I will never get my book rewritten, I just remind myself that I never thought I could finish a full length book and I have two proof copies and two other projects finished to say otherwise.

When I hear the voices say I weigh too much, I remind myself that I lost weight last year and I can do it again.

Positive, positive, positive!