This image was posted on Facebook a week or so ago by the Disney Movie Rewards page.  I love everything about the photo, the saying, the look on Walt’s face, the black and white.  Without really thinking about it I saved the photo and went on my way.  A few days later it popped back into my head, thinking about courage.

When you really think about it, you realize how much courage it takes to get what we want in life.  Think about getting married, you meet this person and fall in love but you have no idea what it is like to be married.  Sharing a house and responsibility can be daunting and oftentimes people change when they get married.  I think a lot of the blame comes around to expectations.  If you are thinking marriage is going to be all white picket fences and birdsong you might be a little resentful when it becomes about laundry and bills.

Sully and I were lucky.  I was an observant kid and noticed my parents working through the normal issues of any married couple.  I knew going in, that marriage was a work in progress and I was happy to work at it to be with Sully.  To his credit, Sully is easy to live with, sure, we have our moments but who doesn’t.  I have friends that have had issues that almost started on the honeymoon.  Some of them are still together and a few didn’t make it past the first year.  Either way, it takes courage to jump into that abyss of the unknown.

It’s the same with having kids.  There’s no manual, every child is different.  I mean, how do you prepare for that?  You don’t, you just close your eyes and trust that you will figure it out when the time comes.  Even when things are going well you keep wondering if you are doing it right.  You don’t have to look far to see parents that are clearly dropping the ball.  Parents of kids from school, dance class, and people you just see day to day, then there’s the craziness of celebrities and their kids.  It just makes you wonder.

After all of that, we are supposed to have courage to chase our dreams too?  Yes, and I honestly understand this completely.  As much as I was meant to be married to Sully and to be Boo’s mom, I was also meant to be a writer.  Now it’s just up to me to have the courage to make it happen.  Something about that image of Walt Disney really hit me, I mean, I feel like I almost have to do it now.  How can I not?  I’ve got Walt Disney pulling for me, right?

Ok, well, I guess I need to figure out where I put my courage so I can get back to writing.

Phase 1: Day 16
I didn’t walk today, it’s my normal day off.  Boo has dance and the day is usually pretty crazy.  Today was a holiday and Sully isn’t feeling well.  So, no dance but still crazy.
I added a new exercise to my lower body workout.  It’s called the ‘Outer/Inner Thigh Kick Stretch’, which involves crossing your right leg in front of your left leg and then swinging it out to the right side, then of course, doing the same on the left side.  I think it will be really good for that tight thigh muscle.  Yikes, I sound like some old bird griping about all of my ‘conditions’.  I just need to stretch more and more often.
Water = 56 ounces

Following your dreams…

Author Bob Mayer tweeted that quote today.  I looked around online for the original source but I was unable to verify the true author.  The quote kind of struck a chord with me today.  Not because I have anyone discouraging my dreams though, it’s quite the opposite in fact.  Sully is so supportive that he is ready and willing to live off of me once I become a famous author.  Friends and family are lining up to read what I have written.

I think I am the weak one in this example.  It’s not easy to admit but it seems like I discourage myself daily.  I have a writing project that already has a word count over 110K .  I am supposed to be editing it.  I read the first chapter and didn’t like it.  Honestly, I sent a text to Sully that said, ‘I just read the first chapter and it blows.’ Sully replied with a lot of nice stuff and basically said he didn’t think it could be that bad.  He was right the end of the chapter was pretty good but that beginning part had to go.

This project was written during National Novel Writing Month, also referred to as NaNoWriMo, which I have shortened to NaNo.  The combination of the newness of the story and the time constraint of NaNo, I think, is at least partially to blame for the first chapter blowing.  I am procrastinating about editing and I am not sure why.  It’s a little overwhelming, and not just because it’s over 110K.  I know that stuff needs to be cut, added and rewritten, I have an entire notebook of notes.  Of course, I know part of the problem is that I am just afraid that the whole thing sucks.

I think I am going to leave this here and address that last part on another day.


Seeing is believing…

Earlier today, I came across an interesting article on the ‘So You Want to be an Entrepreneur’ blogsite.  How to create a motivational Dream Wall, is a blog post about ideas to help with daily motivation.   A dream wall is a good way to help people that are visually oriented keep working on goals and moving towards the future.

You can include anything you want in your dream wall but it is often made up of images that are part of your short term or long term goals.  Images can include locations like houses and places, things like books and decorations or experiences.  You can also add favorite quotes, sayings, poetry as well as, pictures of family, people that inspire you or someone you would like to know.  “The images are designed to really make the viewer excited and remind them of the “why” in their day. Why do you get out of bed every day? well this “wall” should remind you why!” (from the article)

Here is a quick version of my Dream wall.  I enjoyed putting it together, I can see myself spending a lot of time asking myself what I want to display, searching for images and arranging them the way that I want.  The process of putting it together is helpful because it helps you focus on what you really want.  It employs different learning styles in it’s approach in that you might write down your goals before starting, then you add visual cues and then in the arrangement of those images and words the idea is reinforced and becomes more concrete. 

The article reminds us that seeing is believing, I can use the Dream Wall to focus on where I want to go.  I am hoping it will make it easier to make changes today rather than put them off until tomorrow.