Addicted to Velcro…

I’ve always liked Velcro.  When I was a kid I loved that ripping sound it makes when you pull the two pieces apart.  It was great on bags, wallets and I remember being terribly excited that there was Velcro on my Trapper Keeper.

Now that I am older, I have found myself once again loving the Velcro.  I use it all over the house.

We use these Velcro straps to wrap up cords around the house.  It’s great for the powercords for the camera, GPS and other things that aren’t charged every week.  It keeps everything together and saves a lot of room in the drawer or container.  We also use them to bundle up the excess length of cord on stuff like the computer, where there are multiple cords in the same area.  It alleviates all of the tangling and neatens it all up.






I use Velcro dots for sewing and around the house.  You can find them in various colors, sizes and shapes.  I used one in my iPad case to keep the flap tight so that my iPad doesn’t slide around.  I added a detachable pocket to a bag using these larger oval dots.




I use nametag sleeves to hold labels on containers, that way I can just pull the label out and put a new one in, or move the label to another box.  The industrial strength Velcro is perfect for attaching the sleeves to the containers.  This Velcro is made to withstand heavy weights but I use itbecause it also does really well in the heat.




I use nametag sleeves to hold labels on containers, that way I can just pull the label out and put a new one in, or move the label to another box.  The industrial strength Velcro is perfect for attaching the sleeves to the containers.  This Velcro is made to withstand heavy weights but I use it because it also does really well in the heat.  In Arizona, our garage gets super hot, the adhesive on normal Velcro just melts and I find my labels on the floor.  I’ve never had a problem with the industrial strength Velcro.







Here is my latest favorite thing.  These picture hanging strips are great.  I’ve used these so much in the past few months.  I hung a whole wall of picture frames last month, ranging from 3×5″ to 24 x 36″. Then I used them to attach my USB hub, USB router and surge protector on the wall so that I have more desk space.  I haven’t had any issues with them at all.  The packages have a guide on the back indicating which strips and how many to use on the different frame sizes.



I’ve used them to hang a calendar, two dry erase boards, my earring holder and probably ten other things that are not coming to mind right now.



All about us…

So, Tuesday night, we relaxed for a bit after Sully’s long day at work.  He reminded me that we were doing our birthday gift exchange.  In my worry about how he was doing during the day I had completely forgotten.  Boo and I dashed out to pick up Panda Express for dinner.  

We exchanged gifts before dinner because Sully couldn’t wait any longer for me to open my gift.  

Look!  A framed still from ‘Thor’, autographed by Chris Hemsworth.  

It even came with a Certificate of Authenticity card with a picture of Chris Hemsworth signing the movie still.


It’s so beyond awesome.  Thank you to Boo and Sully!  They are the best. 

Boo and I got Sully a video game, Borderlands 2.  He wanted the super cool deluxe set so he pre-ordered it sometime over the summer and it came out today.  The last part being the main reason that we are celebrating our birthdays a week ahead of time.

Sully ooh’d and ahh’d over all of the nifty things in the set.


Fun in the sun…

Today is all about the pool.

I should have gotten up earlier but it was 9:00 by the time I got myself into the backyard.  I had my leveling board, level, tape measure and shovels all ready.  I measured the area found the center and started leveling from there.  I got half way around and realized that I needed to start over.  I remeasured, looked at my area and moved the center to a more level part of the yard.  After an hour or so and several breaks I got the yard pretty level.

No that’s not us, but I always get a kick of how cheesy the stock photos look.

We ran some errands around lunchtime, watched the Olympic trials for diving and then prepared to get the pool up and running.  We went back out around 3:00, give or take a few minutes and starting putting water in the pool around 3:45.  The pool was mostly filled by about 6:30.

We swam and relaxed between about 5:00 and 7:00.  It was a bit of work but definitely worth it.  Boo had a great time and Sully really enjoyed being in the pool.

I was back to being excited.  I feel like this summer we are able to give Boo some of those things we weren’t able to do before.

June+1 My June +1 for today is working in the yard.  One of the selling points for getting the pool is the fact that I knew it would make us want to work on the yard.


Celebrating summer…


As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us
As nature shows bounty and fertility
Bless us
Let all things live with loving intent
And to fulfill their truest destiny

Wiccan blessing for Summer


 It’s difficult in Arizona to celebrate the summer, at least for me.  I have a hard time with the temperatures over 110 degrees.  I can stand them, function in them but it’s not my favorite thing.  I’ve already mentioned my other issues in a previous post.  What I have discovered though is that I do pretty well if I have something to look forward to.  This year it’s the trip to San Diego next month.  I am very excited and really looking forward to cooler weather, time at the beach and time with Boo and Sully.

I hope everyone has something to look forward to this summer.


June+1My June +1 for today was enjoying the summer weather.  I sat at Boo’s swim class watching her in the water and really enjoyed the moment.



Timely fashion…

We spent most of the weekend at Phoenix Comicon and we were quite fascinated by some of the cosplay outfits worn by the attendees.  Boo and I were especially taken by the Steampunk costumes.  

What is Steampunk?  The basic idea is Victorian period mixed with advanced technology.  Think the old ‘Wild Wild West’ TV show or the new “Sherlock Holmes’ movies.  You can go Steampunk.com for the in depth explanation.  

The outfits are a great mix of Victorian styles with various fabrics including leather and adorned with metal pieces like gears and clocks.  I loved the beautiful pieces found at Corset Story.  Other steampunk items including clothing, footwear, hats and weapons can be found at Museum Replicas.

It’s all way cool.  Boo and I are thinking about going Steampunk next year.  Simplicity patterns were on sale this weekend at Joann’s.  Look what we found…



These are all available at Simplicity.com and most likely at your local fabric store.  Keep an eye out for sales because they can be pricey. 

These are awesome patterns and I am already looking at fabric and color combinations.  It should be interesting to see what Boo and I come up with.