Krazy kitties…

When I went to bed last night, the kittens were running through the house chasing each other and causing a bit of a ruckus.  This isn’t really uncommon, ‘the kittens’ are a year old now and they do that almost every night.  

However this is what I woke up to this morning…

Scottie tree

Mayhem, thy name is Scotty.

It’s like he’s crashed out after too much to drink.  All that’s missing is a lampshade.  I guess he was exhausted after pulling the tree skirt off of the circle under the tree.  Poor kitty…

I don’t blame him I was ready to crawl back under the covers this morning too.  It was a bad night, my sister, Lily stopped by last night to get some moral support.  Her husband is still in neuro ICU and there are conflicting versions of his prognosis.  Lily is a mess, trying to be strong and handle everything on her own.  I cried while she was here and cried some more after she left, it’s just heartbreaking.  He’s only 52, and she’s almost 45, way too young to have to deal with this.  

As a result, I didn’t sleep well.  I wasn’t really up thinking about it, I just kept waking up every hour or so.  I couldn’t get comfortable, kind of tossed and turned all night.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep well tonight.

Oh, and this is Day 6 of little to no soda.  I am doing ok with it.  Every now and then I feel like I am wanting something sweet to munch on but that feeling passes quickly.  I’ve been doing pretty well with my water intake too. I’ve had at least 60 ounces of water every day.


Keeping busy…

My baby kittens are having surgery today.  They aren’t really babies anymore, they are nearly six months old but still they were so tiny when we got them.

It’s time for their spay and neuter surgeries and I am a bit nervous. 

I shouldn’t be nervous, I worked at three different veterinary hospitals over the span of seven years.  I know the protocol and procedures, I scheduled appointments and calmed down pet owners on a weekly if not daily basis.  Still when it’s my pet, I am just as crazy as every other pet owner.

Boo and I dropped them off this morning at 6:30.  The staff was really nice and I felt very comfortable with the kittens being well taken care of.  They do their surgeries early in the day and we were told that we should expect to pick them up between noon and 3 pm.

We spent the morning working on school and I concentrated on straightening up my craft room.  The school room and the craft room are one and the same, so it was easy to keep Boo on track with school while I worked on the craft mess.

The office called around ten in the morning, both Pippa and Scotty were out of surgery and were doing fine.  We were told we could pick them up at noon.  

They were still a little groggy when we picked them up.  We left them in their crates for several hours and then kept them in the bedroom overnight.  Scotty recovered pretty quickly, which is to be expected since his surgery was less intrusive.  Poor little Pippa was not a happy camper, it took her a bit longer to be back to normal.  She was still hissing at Scotty Wednesday morning but relaxed a bit by the middle of the day.  


I am happy to report that both babies are doing well and are back to full activity.  They still love us, I am so relieved.  


Scotty and Pippa catnapping on Friday.




The little things…

So, today, I didn’t get to my bellydance workout nor did I get any Christmas decorations packed up.  It’s okay, I am sleep deprived, like normal, but worse because of the leaky air bed drama.  

Instead of being annoyed, I am going to be grateful.  Today, I am grateful for a great day with Sully and Boo, for silly sitcoms that made us laugh during lunch.  I am grateful that Boo has a great dance teacher, that the kittens are healthy and growing up.  I am even more grateful for friends that read stuff and say “OMG, that’s us!”, for Sully, who does the dishes everyday (seriously, I haven’t done dishes in a month) and for Boo for plowing through the Harry Potter books with excitement.