Looking at the plusses…

I’ve spent June working on finding things to do for myself.  It’s been good, I’ve learned that I can work taking care of myself into my day.  I’ve seen how the stretching and exercising has made me feel healthier and more in control of how I feel day to day.  One of the really important things I learned though, is that I really do need to drink more water, it makes me feel more energenic on a daily basis.

So, as June comes to a close I have been looking for a way to use what I learned.  I decided to make up a new challenge using the 21 days to form a habit idea.  I am calling it “21 Days for Me!”

Tomorrow will mark 21 days until my vacation and I am hoping to spend that time wisely.  I haven’t quite decided what I am going to work on, I’ve got some good stuff from June to think about though.  It all starts tomorrow, wish me luck!