Am I insane?

Ocean_at_the_End_of_the_Lane_US_CoverLast year, I got the opportunity to see Neil Gaiman.  He was doing a reading and book signing for the release of his book The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  It was a great experience, he is as smart and funny as you would expect, but more so.  I can’t begin to explain how amazing he is while at the same time seem like a normal everyday person.  A few nights later my almost-niece, Andia, attended a similar event in LA, except she got the opportunity to meet him during a small reception before the event.  She’s exceptional, so her special time with Mr. Gaiman was well deserved.  I mean, the girl brought him homemade chocolates with book themed decorations.  C’mon!


I saw this quote from him earlier this week and I couldn’t quite get it out of my head.  It was so close to what I talked about last week that it just stuck with me.  I can’t quite give up on being a grown up but I can surely follow the sage advice of someone who knows what he’s talking about.


Plus, I think I’ve already got insane covered so it’s all uphill from here, right?


Check out Andia’s website SteamCupcakes



Shared Worlds…

Every writer needs a little encouragement along the way.  A helpful word of advice from people who’ve been there can be especially helpful.  The very groovy people at Shared Worlds have asked some of fiction’s writers, editors and artists write down some words of wisdom on their hands and take a picture.

Hand in Hand…


Neil Gaiman


I love this.  Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite people.  I’ve only read a few of his books but I’ve been reading his blog and following him on Twitter for a while.  I actually got to meet him in June while he was on his book tour for ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’.  He spoke for about an hour and a half before the book signing and as always, he was funny and smart , and really quite amazing.

I love his hand-written advice.  It really does play on what I truly need to do.  I need to write, finish what I am writing and keep writing.


Here are some of my other favorites…


Jody Lynn Nye



Patrick Rothfuss




Karin Lowachee




Shared Worlds is a creative writing experience offered to high school students by Wofford College in South Carolina.  You can see the rest of the Hand in Hand advice here.