So that just happened…

I don’t know if I have mentioned my sprained ankle here or not, I know I’ve been whining about it enough.  If I have I apologize for repeating myself but I am too lazy and/or in pain to look through my recent posts to see if I have.

So, anyway sprained ankle, it started over the summer with a pain across the top of my foot.  I thought it was from bellydancing, which sounds sort of odd but not really when you think about how much  you are standing with your knee bent and up on the ball of your foot.  

If you aren’t used to standing in that position then you could see how it could cause some discomfort.  During the same time I was having issues with the arch of both feet.  Those issues fit the basic symptoms of plantar fasciitis, which is probably a combination of walking around without shoes and the bellydancing.  I started wearing my shoes around the house and a very cheap fabric ankle brace while I slept.  I did that for five days and the arch pain was gone, although the pain on the top of my foot still came and went.

About a month ago though, the pain started moving up toward my ankle and then one day I realized that it hurt when my ankle flexed and also when I stepped back or to the side.  I kept thinking it felt like an ankle sprain but it was too high for an ankle sprain.  After a couple of days of it hurting when I stepped wrong, I decided to look online and figured out that it’s a high ankle sprain.  Makes sense, feels like an ankle sprain but too high, yeah, high ankle sprain.

I’ve been wearing a neoprene wrap ankle brace with two straps that wrap around the ankle.  At night I’ve been wearing a simple ankle wrap that keeps me from moving around too much while I sleep and waking up in pain.  It’s been helping and I’ve seen progress, now it only hurts if I step really wrong.  I’ve been really careful to not make things worse.

Until this morning… our old nearly blind Labrador needed to go outside but kept missing the back door, you know, nearly blind and all.  On our third time around I caught him by the collar to get him out the door.  I don’t know if I startled him or if he was just being stubborn.  Did I mention he was old?  Either way he lunged away and I really tweaked my ankle.  So much so that just sitting my ankle was aching enough for me to notice it.  Time for RICE, (R) rest, (I) ice, (C) compression and (E) elevation.

Today, I am thankful for my sweet Boo who took awesome care of me while my ankle was hurting.  She brought me an icepack and something to drink while I put my foot up.  We both are thankful for Netflix because we watched some groovy shows while I rested.