It’s always something…

I realized Sick.of.Summer.Ca bit of a problem when I was setting up my schedule for writing for the rest of the year.  My novella and full length story are fully set in the summer.  My original plan was to have them finished in May or June, seems kind of out of place to have them finished in Fall or Winter.  Even though it’s been close to 110° all week, I am feeling myself wanting to look towards Fall.  I am sick of summer and I can’t imagine that it would be a good base for writing about summer fun.

It took me a couple of days but I finally decided that I’d write three or four novellas between now and the end of the year.  My goal is to write one novella each month.  Then I’ll go back to the summer projects.  That way they’d be done just in time for summer.  More importantly, I am hoping the feeling of accomplishment after finishing these smaller projects will keep me on track.

I’ve got a couple of ideas that I need to flesh out, I am hoping to get an outline for the first one done this week and get some writing done this weekend.  My plan is to write at least 1,000 words a day, I’ll need to make up for these first few days of September.  It certainly hasn’t helped that I’ve been feeling under the weather since we got back from our vacation in California.  It seems as though I have become allergic to Arizona.

Right now, I am excited about starting something new.  I am holding on to that while I can.  So, the plan for the week is get my outline done and start writing.  Hopefully, I will have a positive update next week.



Going back to the beginning…sort of…

One of the many things that I plan on doing this year is rewriting one of my NaNo projects.  I have done NaNo three times along with Camp NaNo this past summer.  I have gotten my 50K words every time and twice I have gone back and finished the book enough to get the proof copy.

This year, I want to go back to the first book (which is actually the second book I wrote) and do my editing and rewrites.  During NaNo you just write to get your word count which can sometimes leave ginormous holes all over the place.  I want to take that next step and fill in those holes, I want to fix the story.  I was happy to have an ending to the story after my first NaNo but now I need to fix it.

My original plan was for me to start my rewriting on January 1st and just plow through it.  Of course, I am in the midst of transferring my story from one writing program to another.  I am also trying to flesh out a bit more of the plotlines in my notes.  I really want to see some character development as the story progresses.  

The new plan entails me writing or working on my writing every day.  So far, I have done pretty well.  I’ve gotten most of my plotline notes done.  I am hoping that next week I will actually work on the rewriting part.