I am starting Week 2 of Phase 1 today.  Week 1 went pretty well, I walked six days out of seven, did my strength exercises every day and I did a fairly good job drinking enough water.

For Week 2, I am hoping for more of the same.  I am revising my walking plan.  Now that dance classes have started back up for Boo, I realize that getting a walk in before or after class will be nearly impossible.  I might be able to walk during class or figure out when to go before we leave for class later in the next several weeks.  For right now though, my plan is to walk six days a week.  If I can get a stepping workout on Monday night then I will but I will not stress about it.  I will continue my plan for strength training.  I am adding one new exercise to my upper body routine, and one to my lower body routine.  

Phase 1:  Day 8…

Today I didn’t take my normal walk.  I didn’t remember until it was nearly 9:00pm.  We did however go to Home Depot and WalMart.  I tracked those trips on Runkeeper and figured out that I had walked about 0.62 miles.  Not too shabby.  They weren’t at my normal brisk pace but at least I was moving.

I caught up with my strength exercises from yesterday and did some extra stretching.

Water – 50 ounces