Ribbon ladder from Joann’s.

Last weekend, we ran some errands and during a quick run into Joann’s, I found this ribbon ladder.  At it’s normal price of $29.99, I would look at it and think that’s a nice ribbon organizer and move on.  It’s clearanced right now for more than 50% off.  So, I grabbed one of the last ones.

Currently, my ribbon is split up between one of the stacking ribbon boxes (2nd picture) and a larger plastic bin.  It will be nice to have all of the ribbon in one place and I will be able to see the colors that I have before I run up to Joann’s for more.



Stacking Ribbon Box

Stacking Ribbon Box from The Container Store.

I like these stacking ribbon boxes but I only have one.  I originally planned on getting more but changed my mind.  The lid ended up breaking soon after I got it and I didn’t really like the stacking part of it.  I mean it’s cool that it stacks but I am not a fan of having to move a bunch of things to get to something else.   This morning I pulled all of the ribbon out of it to load up my new ribbon ladder.  I kept looking at the box and wondering how I could use it, if there was another purpose for it.



Here is what I came up with…


It was the perfect size for my Behr color fan deck.

I had to do some modifications though first.  Both the bottom and the lid had a permanent divider in the middle.  I used utility scissors and a pair of wire cutters to trim off the pieces from the dividers.  



When I was done I sanded down the area that I had just trimmed.  I lined the bottom with white card stock using glue dots to secure the cardstock to the sides.  




I ran a piece of duct tape along the back to secure the lid to the container.  (I am not sure why I didn’t think of that before when I had ribbon in it but there you go…).

The lid now opens and closes very nicely.  No falling off and no wobbling.


The color fan deck fits in either way, top up or sideways.  I might put a lining inside the lid or cover the lid at some point, but right now I am pretty happy with it.  I wanted something to put the color fan deck in and this was the perfect size.  I am so glad that I took the risk of cutting out the middle dividers.

Phase 1: Day 3…

I took my walk alone today while Boo did her Dance Central workout.  I walked a small loop very close to the house.   I walked more than 11 minutes at a pretty good pace.

My upper body workout went well.  A couple of days off (Sunday and Monday) were really nice.  I am able to do two sets of 15 repetitions, only feeling fatigued during the last few reps of the second set.

Water – ~36 ounces  (I really need to be better about drinking water).

Overall, I am feeling a lot better and I really feel like this is the year that things will be different.


Counter this…

I‘ve been thinking about my new washer and dryer and the little alcove it’s in since they were delivered yesterday afternoon.  There are quite a few ideas online that caught my eye.

Here is a very stylish laundry space I found on Heather Bullard’s Lifestyle blog. 

laundry room heather



This is a really pretty space.  If I had a window near this area I would probably mimic this idea.  My little laundry alcove is poorly lit and is already crowded with shelves.  I really like it though and wanted to share it here.






I liked this country curtain idea found at Southern Living.

Laundry room southern living


I really like how this looks.  Everything is neat, as well as functional.  I didn’t get the pedestal drawers so I will need to have a place for the detergent and other laundry related supplies, including the ironing accessories.






At the Better Homes and Gardens website they had a great idea for covering up the shelves above the washer and dryer.

laundry room shade


I liked this idea of hiding the shelves above the washer and dryer and drawing the focus to the frames on the counter top.  They haven’t even attempted to hide the washer and dryer.  It doesn’t seem to matter though since the area on the counter top looks so nice and coordinates with the shades so well.  






I definitely want to put in something to make a counter.  I like the shade idea, but fabric will match better with the decor around the laundry alcove.   I also need to think about some sort of container for the detergent and other supplies.  That may end up being a set of baskets, a counter top cabinet, plastic bins or something else entirely.  I suppose I will worry about that after Christmas.


Perfect timing…

I got my new washer and dryer today.  I am so excited, which probably sounds a little looney, but I got to actually pick out what I wanted.  Not what was cheapest, not what would be practical, but the set that I actually wanted.   I will be eternally grateful to Sully’s mom for such a generous and thoughtful gift.  She suggested it a few weeks ago but with my brother in law in the hospital recovering from a stroke we had put off our shopping trip.  Last Friday, we decided to just get it done.  (My brother in law is still in the neurological ICU but he is stable we are waiting and hoping for him to heal and come back to us.)  It was a nice surprise, going shopping on Friday.  It turned out to be the perfect week to have them delivered.  Boo and I started our Christmas break this week so I had some extra time.  We just have Christmas crafts and general housekeeping stuff to do this week.  I had plenty of time yesterday to work on crafts and clear out the laundry area.  Definitely perfect timing, I am ready for a great week.

This is the set that I got…

samsung wd set

It was delivered this afternoon and it looks great.

I spent most of yesterday moving stuff out of the laundry area, which is just a 6 foot by 3 foot closet, give or take a few inches.  I had some shelves on the back of the unit that held my detergent and other cleaning items as well as a rolling cart that slid in between the washer and dryer.  After cleaning everything else out I started moving the old washer and dryer.  My old set works great and I actually feel bad for replacing them they work so well.  I am planning on donating the set so that someone that needs it can make use of it.  The dryer was easy, unplug, disconnect the vent hose and wheel it away.  The washer was a bit more complicated as I couldn’t get the cold water to turn off.  I ended up leaving it in the closet for the delivery people to deal with.

I was glad that I got the dryer out though so that I could clean the floor, there was a mat of lint that matched the footprint of the dryer exactly.  I had to use a scraper to get it all up, swept and mopped twice.  Moving the dryer and mucking around with the washer also helped me figure out that the new set wasn’t going to fit like the other set did.  The depth of the closet is 32 inches, the new set is 31.125 inches deep, I didn’t even think about the hookups in the back.  Oy…  Well, at least there is a finished doorway that adds another five inches to the depth of the closet.  Of course, that means that the ugly bifold doors had to come off.  I wasn’t exactly upset about that but now it would be an open space and that I might be upset about.

Here’s my poorly lit pic of the new set in my little laundry area.  You can see on the sides how the closet cuts back out a bit on each side. 

washer and dryer

I am looking at ideas for covering the area or at least dressing it up.  I will keep you posted.  The dryer is singing a little tune to me now.  That load must be dry.


Never too early…

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume.  Actually for us this is kind of late.  We usually have our costumes planned out months in advance.  In fact, one year we ended Halloween night planning the next year’s costumes. We usually do a theme thing where Sully, Boo and I all dress up together.  We’ve been including my sister and her kids for the last several years.


For most of the last decade, we’ve been thinking about a Harry Potter Halloween but for various reasons it just never happened.  One of the reasons was that Sully would suggest something else.  I didn’t realize until this year that he was doing that because he didn’t want to go as Gilderoy Lockhart.  That all started when the movie, Chamber of Secrets came out years ago.  Sully did a hilarious impression of Lockhart and my sister suggested that should be his costume.  So years of himming and hawwing later and I find out he’s not that excited about anyone else.  We were actually supposed to have a Harry Potter theme last year but switched at the last minute because I just didn’t have the energy to research, design and sew costumes that were that elaborate.  That year we went as fairies, yep, even Sully.  

Ok, back to this year.  We had promised everyone that this year would definitely be our Harry Potter year.  Unfortunately, neither Sully nor I was all that excited with the theme.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter.  I’ve read all of the books at least twice and I’ve loved the movies.  There just aren’t a lot of roles for women, I am too old to be Hermione and too young to be McGonagall.  I suppose I could have designed my own groovy character but I just wasn’t feeling it.  About a week or so ago I came up with the idea that we could open up the theme to all witches and wizards.  Everyone could pick and choose their favorite character and go from there.  I made some calls, sent out some texts and emails and everyone was on board.  

Sully and I are going to be Balthazar and Veronica from the movie The Sorceror’s Apprentice.  Boo is sticking with Harry Potter, her costume is going to be a steampunk version of a Hogwart’s student.  I can’t wait to get sewing.  


***Update… the title is kind of funny given that I am just now posting it.  It was another post that didn’t get posted back when it was supposed to.  


Almost normal…

Four weeks after Christmas and I am just now feeling like life is back to normal.

Sully is working from home, Boo and I started school again last week.  The first week back to school is always a bit crazy.  I had a bit of prepping to do for Boo’s lessons, we are off to a good start though.

I need to get my self back on some sort of schedule since October I have been just meandering along through the day.  School is the only constant and while that is good, it’s been a struggle to get other stuff done.  I am really hoping that this is the week that I get myself back into the swing of things.

I have a few projects in the works, some that I have already started and others that are next in line.  I need to get back on my house schedule before I tackle anything else.  I can go days and weeks with the house totally picked up and ready for visitors.  Projects are my housekeeping kryptonite though.  I start a project and instantly the house goes to hell.  The problem is that I enjoy the projects more than the housekeeping.  When you have a project going you see the end in sight.  There is a sense of accomplishment when you finish the project.  Everyday housekeeping has no end, it’s washing the same dishes as yesterday, sweeping the same floors, dusting the same table, folding the same clothes.  It’s the never ending part that is so hard, which sounds a little ridiculous.  Some days it just seems to be futile, like when we were kids and our moms told us to make our beds.  All of us thought at one point, why should I make my bed?  I am just going to mess it up when I go to bed at night.  I can admit there are days that I think why even try?  It’s just going to get messed up again.  One time Faith said it was like the movie “Groundhog Day’ and she’s right, there is something funny and horrifying all at the same time in that.

I am going to concentrate this week on getting back to my schedule.  The projects can be worked in next week or the week after.  Maybe I can do the every day stuff plus accomplish a little project work each day.  I might want to think about writing too…hmmm