Independence day…

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.   We had a crazy and beautiful rain storm this morning followed by a nice, lazy day of swimming and watching movies.  Although we did go through a few things as we were sitting around but it really didn’t feel like work.

Independence day, I am thinking it works two ways here.  It, of course, refers to our awesome American holiday.  As I work through my first week of my 21 day challenge I’d like to think I am working towards my own independence day.  That probably sounds a bit cheesy or trite, but the more I work whether it’s drinking more water or getting some exercise I feel a little bit more free.  Sometimes I feel pulled down by everything that is going on, it’s good to have something that lifts me up.

Day 6

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 6 (Turkish bump, chest circle and Egyptian figure eight)

3.  Writing  –  Character review

4.  Exercises – Abs/leg workout and stretching

5.  Project –  Sort kitchen boxes and art crate (30 minutes)


Father’s Day…

Today was pretty low key.  

We started out with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, ‘Zombie Nightmare’.  

It was an awesomely awful movie with Adam West and Tia Carrere, other notables included writer John Fasano and director Shawn Levy.  

Of course, the MST3K commentary is the best part, and as usual, was hilarious.

Next, we watched several episodes of ‘Punkin Chunkin’.  It was nice to see Zach Selwyn hosting, Sully and I remember seeing him on the gaming channel, G4.  

The machines that the guys build for these competitions are incredible.  Although the centrifugal ones look really unsafe, I can’t help but think that at those speeds it could be crazy dangerous if there is a mechanical failure.

Our dinner selection was Sully’s favorite…drum roll please…


Sully’s favorite scene, “Oh Baxter!”

My favorite scene, “Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!”

June+1My June +1 for today was doing something creative.  We are rehanging some picture frames and I spent some time looking through photos.  I also made some cute scrapbook type pages to put in the 8×10 frames.  It was fun and I can’t wait to see the wall after the frames are hung up.



One more time…

We took Kayla to her grandma’s house a little after noon today.  Val’s husband is going to pick up Kayla and her brother from there this evening.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and relaxing.  We have all stayed up way too late over the last few days.  We ended up watching our favorite episodes of the show “How I Met Your Mother”.

Swarley  (Season 2, Episode 7)

Great mash up of the best Swarley moments.  Click here for the video.


 Slap Bet (Season 2, Episode 9)

This video is a montage of several scenes connected to the Slap Bet episode.  Enjoy!  Click here for the video.

All clips belong to CBS. No copyright infringement intended.