Am I blue…

The plan today is to try to make it through as normal as possible.  It would be easier if my first job of the day wasn’t feeding the dogs.  Foley was happy to see me and I gave him a good scratch and a quick hug.   It was a quick hug because he was doing the bathroom dance by the back door.  He had that face that said, “thanks for the hug Mom but I gotta go!”

I am keeping busy continuing to decorate the Kitchen and Great room.  I have boxes that need to go back out to the garage.  Sully is working from home today which I am thankful.  He is doing his best to keep my mind off of things.  It’s funny though, he knows I am distracting myself by keeping busy and just pops in every now and then to check on me.  As plans go, it worked pretty well he chatted with me while I cooked and helped me take the boxes into the garage.

In the evening I sat down and started making plans for my Christmas crafts.  I’ve decided to make some Christmas banners similar to the Thankful banner I made for Thanksgiving.  I’ve picked several sayings after thinking about the different people I will be making them for.

Boo is going to make some stuffed patchwork type of owls for people.  We researched patterns online and found a few that will work nicely.  I have plenty of scrap fabric for us to make a few practice owls.  Boo loves owls so a few extra will note b an issue.  In fact, maybe I will try to find some fabric to make seasonal owls for her.  It will be fun to make some stuff with her.



Never enough time…

That’s Hunter, my sweet Labrador, taken about three years ago.  I was asking him if he’d been digging and he was acting casual.  Of course, if you look closely he’s got dirt on his nose and on his right paw.  I wasn’t buying his innocent act, at all, but he was too cute to be mad at.  

Hunter had his thirteenth birthday in October.  He was born the same week that Sully and I started dating.  In fact, I gave Sully one of his littermates as my first Christmas gift to him.  So, when we got married we had two crazy Labradors galloping through the back yard.  Playing ball started early, Hunter could barely hold a tennis ball in his mouth and always outlasted the other dogs.  Hunter was always the calmer of the two, and adapted well to hanging out in the house.  We still have a hard time with Foley being in the house.  He gets so excited that he wags his tail until the tip is bleeding.  

The sad part of this story is that we lost Hunter tonight.  He was such a sweet boy.  He was laying in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.  I stopped to give him scratch behind the ears and a kiss on his head and brought dinner into the other room.  When I went back to the kitchen after dinner he was gone.  I am sorry that he was alone but maybe he was just waiting for his goodnight kiss.

Holiday thought…

It’s time to cherish the little moments.  Take the time play ball with the dog or pet the cat.  The laundry or the sweeping, or even work will still be there in five minutes.  Enjoy those little moments because you don’t know how many more might be left.


Sleep can wait…

I spent most of the day feeling sleepy and trying to stay awake and when it was time to lie down and sleep, I couldn’t.

Not that I was that surprised, before bedtime I always check all of the critters to make sure everyone is settled in, cage doors secure, food and water for the night. When I checked on Boo’s hamsters one of them looked a little shaky.  I coaxed her out of the corner and gave her some water and food since both her water and food are on upper levels of her hamster condo.  Dwarf hamsters don’t have a very long life span, usually a year and half to two years.  We have two hamsters that were both purchased in December of 2010 so so it’s been about eighteen months since we adopted them.

Boo’s first hamster only lived one year after we adopted her, she was a Christmas present.  We picked her up at Petsmart the day after Christmas and she was so friendly.  She literally danced in front of Boo until Sully found someone to get her out of the display.  Gigi was an awesome little hamster, loved to run around in her little ball and remained friendly until the end.   We lost her a year later on Christmas night.  One of the worst things I’ve had to do as a parent was telling Boo that Gigi was gone.  

The next day we went out and bought two hamsters, Tink and Rose.  Sully and I have been watching the calendar, very thankful that we made it through Christmas with both of them.  Then later, happy that we had made it through Spring and the beginning of summer.  It’s Rose that I am worried about now, I am pretty sure that our time is running short.  I let Boo know and she said that she had noticed the same things.  I checked Rose one last time and she is resting comfortably.  I am not sure what I will find in the morning but I’ve done what I can for now.  

It’s the circle of life and we all know logically how things go but it’s not always easy to deal with them in our own lives.

Day 9

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 8 (hip piston, hip pop, 1 2 3 hop and snake arms)

3.  Writing  –  MC backstory

4.  Exercises – Stretching

5.  Project –  Garage (2 x 15 minutes)