Not enough time…

I spent most of today sitting in a hospital waiting room.  My father in law, TW, is in ICU, he is being treated for kidney failure.  He was having problems with low blood pressure, and that’s why they are keeping him in ICU.

The chairs in the waiting room are very uncomfortable and it’s really cold in there.  Boo is being a trooper and I am very proud of her.  She is working on writing her chapter descriptions for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  She also brought her iPod to play games on and listen to music.

I brought several things to work on, my iPad, the book ‘Hammered’ by Kevin Hearne, my homeschool folder,
 and my writing notebook.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of anything done though.  There were so many distractions, text messages, people coming in and out, Martha would come out and chat for a little while and then go back to see TW in his room.  It was a little frustrating, I was gone for six hours and you would think I would have gotten more done that read a couple of chapters of my book.

Once I got home, I was so burned out that I just laid around watching TV for the rest of the evening.  Of course, once I got home I ended up on the phone for almost two hours updating various family members on what was going on.  

I wonder if anyone would notice if I just got in my car and went on vacation…


The little things…

So, today, I didn’t get to my bellydance workout nor did I get any Christmas decorations packed up.  It’s okay, I am sleep deprived, like normal, but worse because of the leaky air bed drama.  

Instead of being annoyed, I am going to be grateful.  Today, I am grateful for a great day with Sully and Boo, for silly sitcoms that made us laugh during lunch.  I am grateful that Boo has a great dance teacher, that the kittens are healthy and growing up.  I am even more grateful for friends that read stuff and say “OMG, that’s us!”, for Sully, who does the dishes everyday (seriously, I haven’t done dishes in a month) and for Boo for plowing through the Harry Potter books with excitement.


No disappointments…

Ok, so the other day I mentioned that I didn’t make resolutions this year but I do have goals and a bit of a sketchy plan to semi-greatness.  Part of this plan was to start exercising, yeah, yeah, I know it’s part of every year’s plan.  It’s also been every season’s plan, every birthday’s plan for the last ten years, whatever.  I am working up to it, okay?

My plan last night was to get up this morning when the dog starts barking at 7:15 just like every morning since 1999 when we got our dearest Labrador, Foley.  I was going to feed the dogs and then break out my DVD’s that I recorded of the show Shimmy.  Twenty four minutes of stretching and bellydancing would be a great start of the day.

Sure, it would but not this day.  We had drama overnight, Sully and I sleep on one of those nifty airbeds.  I love that bed, it’s the most comfortable bed I have ever had.  Or it was until it sprung a leak, so the night was spent trying to get comfortable, along with disputes over sheet and pillow ownership.  I finally ended up on the couch at about 3:00 am.  By 6:00 I was up because of a cramp in the calf of my leg.  Luckily I caught it just as it started to hurt instead of the screaming awful pain of a full blown calf cramp.

I am flexible though, I didn’t get the exercise done this morning.  There are still plenty of hours in the day, I will just make time for it later today.  I will not be disappointed.  Do you hear me?  I WILL NOT… alright, I got it.  🙂