Eclipse viewing…

I almost forgot about the solar eclipse this evening.  Luckily I was looking at Twitter, I follow several funny people, and someone mentioned the eclipse.  I looked up the times and realized I had a little over an hour to get prepared.

I did a quick Google search and found this tutorial on how to make your own pinhole projector.  It’s from the Exploratorium, ‘the museum of science, art and human perception’ in San Francisco.  It looks very cool, definitely on my list of things to check out when I eventually get to visit San Francisco.

Here is the projector that I made from a box slightly bigger than a shoe box.

This the top, with the pinhole through the aluminum foil.   The next picture shows the little viewing window.




6:15 pm, Arizona time.


It’s great that you can really see the movement across the dot of light from picture to picture.


At this point, as soon as you walked outside you could tell that something was going on.  The light outside was just a little dimmer than normal.  Very cool but kind of eerie.



This is the last picture.  I went back out at 7:10 but the sun had gone down enough that there wasn’t direct light shining on the box.