One week and counting…

A week into the new year and I think I have been doing pretty well on my non-resolution goals.  It took a few days to sort out what I wanted to do and how to do it but I think I am on course now.  I am sure that my plan of what to do will change along the way and therefore, the how to do it part will change too.  As a close friend from college used to say, “we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.”

Keeping up Appearances – Day 3: still doing well, although I didn’t put earrings in.  I’d love to say that I was giving my sensitive earlobes a break but I really just forgot.  Sticky notes might be needed on the bathroom mirror.  Hmmm, Sully is going to love that.

Today was going to be the day to start a concentrated effort to drink enough water everyday, as well as, start some sort of daily stretching regimen.  I will split up the results, trying to list them together will just be confusing.

Water – Day 1:  I am happy to report that I drank about 48 ounces of water today.  I know I am supposed to be drinking around 64 ounces per day.  Honestly though, and I am so very hesitant to write this, there are some days that I don’t drink water at all, which is amazingly terrible.  That is so bad for me and it’s just a stubborn thing that I haven’t gotten past.  I have twenty more days to change this habit.

Stretching – Day 1:  I did some light stretching this morning.  Long term though I need to find some DVD or You Tube stretching routine to keep me on track.