Fix it Friday… Leaky toilet


For the past month or so, the toilet in the master bathroom has been ‘running’ almost constantly.  It started off quietly with only a little bit of water leaking into the bowl but over time it had become a pretty consistent stream.  The constant bubbling noise was getting on my nerves but knowing how much water we were wasting was even worse.

The last several weeks I adjusted everything that could be adjusted, over and over and in any combination that was possible.  Nothing seemed to help, last week while I was again trying to figure out what was going on I noticed bubbles coming up from the bottom of the water inlet valve.  I looked around online for some information on how to fix a possible leak in the water inlet valve and found this tutorial from Let’s Fix It with Dan Jiles 

I went to Home Depot today and bought a new Fluidmaster Universal Fill Valve for less than $8.  I got some additional tips from Al at the HD near Gramma’s house.  Once I got home, I followed the directions from the tutorial and had everything fixed in less than 20 minutes.  It would have been less than 10 minutes but the nut on the old fill valve was being difficult.  Sully had to come in to hold the top of the valve so I could muscle the nut in the tight space between the toilet and the sink cabinet.

It’s all fixed, no more bubbling sounds and more importantly, no more water being wasted.  Yay!!!



Sully’s ear is worse.  He woke up in the night with it really hurting, I called for an appointment as soon as the doctor’s office opened.  His appointment was for 2:30pm, we arrived early to fill out new patient forms since our doctor has recently changed offices.  We waited over half an hour past the appointment time in the waiting room and nearly 45 minutes in the exam room.  We saw the doctor for about 15 minutes and then we were on our way.  Luckily our doctor is awesome or I would be seriously annoyed.

I saved annoyed for the pharmacy.  I was told it would be about 30 minutes and that I would get a text on my phone.  Boo and I wandered the store and after an hour I finally went back to the pharmacy.  The prescriptions were filled but the assistant hadn’t entered them into the computer so that I would get the text.  So, I left the house at 1:45, dropped Sully off back at home, then on to the pharmacy and finally home at about 6:00.



Totally not the day I was planning on, but I am so glad that Sully will be feeling better soon.  The doctor put a wick type of thing in his ear because his ear is so swollen.  She prescribed antibiotic ear drops that also have a numbing agent in them, the wick allows the drops to get down to where the infection is otherwise the drops would just sit on the outside.  Of course, with the wick in his ear Sully can’t hear a dang thing and he’s talking really quietly.  Most of the day has been a chorus of ‘what?’, “huh?”, “are you talking to me?”, “did you hear what he said?” and my favorite the complete misunderstanding because we heard something completely different.  It’s been interesting.


Phase 2:  Day 10

Since I wasn’t home most of the day there was no walk.  Although I did wander around Walmart waiting for the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions.

I added another exercise to my lower body workout.

My routines are going well.



This morning I got a call from Sully about the time that he would have been arriving at work.  He was really upset, he’d stopped to get coffee at the convenience store near work and couldn’t find his debit card.  Now Sully is meticulous about stuff, I mean he has serious OCD tendencies.  If the card was gone then someone else had to have helped the situation.  He had already gone back inside and asked the cashier about it but the cashier didn’t have it.  I got off of the phone with Sully and immediately called the bank to cancel the card.  I was on hold for over eight minutes and I was about to freak the heck out when they finally answered.  I got the card cancelled before any weird charges showed up but they had to talk to Sully in order for him to request a new card.  How ridiculous is that?

Sully hadn’t been feeling well to begin with and decided after losing the card that he should work from home.  I am glad he did, not only because I love having him home but he was feeling pretty rotten by the end of the day.  I’d have hated for him to have to drive home like that.   

And the rest of my day was very much like this …



I really did try to get things done but there were too many distractions.  







Phase 2:  Day 9

I didn’t walk or do my strength exercises today.   This afternoon I was still tired and sore from all of the construction work over the weekend.  I decided to give myself a day off.

I am still going strong with the am/pm routines.


Beer Bonanza…

It’s time once again for a release party with Kevin Hearne.  Click here to check out Kevin’s awesome website.  Tonight we were celebrating the release of his latest book, Trapped.  




Sully and I had a great time at Atticus & Oberon’s Beer Bonanza.  It was at a Mexican restaurant this time.  They have a place on the patio for private parties and an all you can eat taco and enchilada buffet.  The food was fabulous.  The food line was long but we got the chance to talk to Kevin’s mom, she is a hoot.  Best of all, she’s a Broncos fan too!  It was a great conversation and I can see where Kevin gets his sense of humor.






Sully won the raffle and got this awesome framed map of the Nine Realms signed by the artist, Priscilla Spencer and Kevin.

I had gone to the ladies room and when I started back towards the table I noticed that Sully was gone.  I looked up towards the main table and saw Sully coming back with the map.  I wasn’t even surprised, Sully wins everything.  It’s too funny.  I guess we should have played the lottery last week, or at least he should have played the lottery.

When Kevin came by our table he was happy that we had won it and went through the whole map and the proper Norse pronunciations of the realms with Sully.

It was a really great night.  Sully and I haven’t been on a date night in forever.  It’s probably been since Atticus and Oberon’s SausageFest last April.  We should probably do stuff more often like that.


In the house…

So thankful!  Sully is working from home again, it’s so nice to have him here.  I know I should be getting stuff done now that he’s home but instead I am hanging out with him while he works.  Although I did get a bunch of stuff organized on my desk, I finally went through that pile of papers.  I even shredded everything in the bin.  Woohoo!  (I know, not really Woohoo! worthy but I am working with what I’ve got here.)

I am also trying to focus on drinking more water.  It’s entirely possible that I am feeling to funky and not all here this week because I haven’t been drinking enough water.  I haven’t been eating all that healthy either but there’s been some stuff going on.  It’s time to refocus or would this be a re-refocus?  I don’t know but I am going to do it.  I promise.

A desk we can all aspire to...

This is Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ desk as viewed on Jennifer Crusie’s blog, Argh Ink.