Falling for it…

Oh my gosh, while I was busy these last few weeks fall has arrived and I am loving this weather.  I am spending the day trying to catch up on my blog posts and doing some writing for NaNo.

The working title for the rewrite is ‘Waterfall’, so far I have written a bit of a synopsis of the general story’s beginning and a little bit into the middle.  Last night I worked on a general outline for the chapters.  Today I started working   on a basic timeline for the story, some books happen over a few days, some a few years, this one is going to be a few weeks.  While I was working on the timeline I realized if I switched the first two events around that it would make more sense.  I’ve tried rewriting the first chapter about fifty times and never really got anywhere with it and this is probably why.  

Three cheers for writing epiphanies!  Yay!  Woohoo!  Hooray!

Ok, enough of that, I am off to write.  🙂

Today, I am grateful for beautiful weather.  I am also grateful for being able to vote.  I dropped off our early ballots yesterday, it was quick and easy.  It’s surprising that more people don’t vote, it’s important to get your voice out there.  


The darker half…

On Halloween, we also celebrated Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of harvest and the beginning of winter.  It is also called the darker half of the year as it falls between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice.  

Along with Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh, Samhain completes the four seasonal celebrations.  Imbolc celebrates the beginning of Spring and occurs in February, Beltane marks the beginning of summer and is celebrated on May 1st, and Lughnasadh celebrates the harvest season falling in early August.  

Samhain was seen as a time when the door to the Otherworld opened for the souls of the dead to enter our world. The souls of dead kin were invited to attend feasts with a place set at the table for them. It has been likened to a festival of the dead. The custom of guising or dressing up may have started in an attempt to protect people from harmful spirits.

This was my blessing for Samhain this year…

On Samhain, I celebrate my family and friends that have left this world, and although I miss them dearly and their absence in our lives is painful, I know that their journey is not over.

Prayer of Farewell for Samhain

You are going home to your home of winter,
To your home of autumn, of spring, and of summer;
You are going home to the Land of the Living.
To the restful haven of the waveless sea.

Peace of the Seven Lights be upon you, beloved,
Peace of the Seven Joys be upon you, beloved,
Peace of the Seven Loves be upon you, beloved,
On the breast of the Mother of Blessings,
In the arms of the Father of Life.
Today, I am thankful for my family, both past and present, especially my parents.  My mom and dad were so important in making me who I am today.  I miss them terribly but I know and I am happy that they are together.  My father in law told everyone that for most of his life he had a son, then his son got married and then he got a daughter too.  He treated me as part of the family from the beginning and I am glad that he is at peace even though we miss him so much.  I hope everyone else is able to find peace with their loved ones that have passed before them.




NaNo NaNo…

It’s November 1st and that means that National Novel Writing Month starts today!

I’ve done well the last three years writing my 50,000 words in 30 days.  The first two years I went on to finish my novels after the month was over and even scored free proof copies from CreateSpace.  Last year there was too much going on with my father in law and I just never got back to it.  CreateSpace had changed their deal as well and I wasn’t all that jazzed about it.

This year I am using NaNo* to rewrite one of my previous novels.  I am not just going through, editing and then throwing those word counts up on the website.  I am actually rewriting the whole damned thing.   The fact that I wrote half of it in November and then the other half in May kind of messed up the flow of it.  I am going to try to write a chapter every day or so and we will see how far I get.  I am also going to try to keep things going over here as well as get all of my posts from October up even though they will be terribly late.  There was a lot going on and hopefully the posts will explain the delays.

*NaNo is my abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month, the real abbreviation is NaNoWriMo but that is still a bunch to deal with so I go with NaNo.  🙂

The other big part of November is Thanksgiving!  In honor of this upcoming holiday I am going to post something that I am thankful for everyday.

Today, I am thankful that Halloween went so well and that I am done sewing for a little while.  

I am also thankful for National Novel Writing Month because I have been yearning to write…yes, I wrote yearning.  Really.  I’ve been yearning to write for months but there was always a list of things to do.  I still have a list of things to do but NaNo forces me to get myself in a chair and get it done.

Happy November everyone!