Last weekend I was barraged with Facebook posts, blog entries and articles about the hullabaloo with Disney over the apparent makeover of the Brave character Merida.  I looked at the pictures, read a few articles and decided I wasn’t all in dither like the ‘other sane’ women reading the same stuff.  I mostly kept my opinion to myself sharing it with Sully, Boo and Faith.  

It’s been a week and people are still talking about this and now I am just annoyed about the whole thing.

I saw this article on Comic Book ResourcesDisney Reverses Merida Makeover, but Still Seems to Miss the Point’

I commented at that website and I’ve put it here too…


There are so many other things to worry about that the look of a Disney princess doesn’t really rank high up there on my list. Now that this has gone on for more than a week I am annoyed and so I am commenting. She’s dressed up for her Coronation, people dress up for stuff like that even when they don’t want to. I also wouldn’t think she would show up for her own coronation armed with her bow and arrow. 

Last week when all of this started, I found it ironic that the people that complained the most were the same people that had just posted pictures of their daughters dressed up for Prom. They added comments like, “My ‘Julie’ is a bit of a tomboy and never wears dresses but she was excited for Prom and even wore makeup.” I guess I should have left comments that ‘Julie’ was a sellout or how this would put her morality into question.

My daughter will have a good body image because we (her parents) are teaching her that people come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all. My daughter loves Disney but she knows the difference between reality and storytelling, As much as we might want flying carpets, talking animals and birds fixing us breakfast, our family is aware that it’s not going to happen. 

I am a mom of an eleven year old daughter, so I get this issue, I really do.  The important thing here is that women don’t have to choose between being strong or sexy.  I love to watch football and I can wield power tools like a pro, and yet, I am also a bellydancer and like to get dressed up on occasion.  And I have a geeky side that loves Sci Fi and goes to comicon every year.  Just because I am wearing a dress doesn’t mean I couldn’t kick some ass, and I think the same goes for Merida.   


Something else to add or just think about too.  Should we be judging Merida by her clothing and appearance?  I thought one of the key arguments of the equality fight was that a person’s actions are far more important than their appearance, income, religion, or …I could go on.  


I’ve added two images that clearly show Merida with her bow and arrows.  All of the posts, blogs and articles I read showed the same two images, the movie version of Merida with her bow and arrows and the makeover unarmed version.  In the comment section of one of the articles someone brought up the fact that there were other images of her with her bow and arrows.  A quick Google search brought me these two images.  I probably could have found more but I thought two was enough.  It’s clear that these are Disney images and that the invitation to Merida’s Coronation was put out some time before May 11th and well before the hullaballoo broke out.




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