This morning I got a call from Sully about the time that he would have been arriving at work.  He was really upset, he’d stopped to get coffee at the convenience store near work and couldn’t find his debit card.  Now Sully is meticulous about stuff, I mean he has serious OCD tendencies.  If the card was gone then someone else had to have helped the situation.  He had already gone back inside and asked the cashier about it but the cashier didn’t have it.  I got off of the phone with Sully and immediately called the bank to cancel the card.  I was on hold for over eight minutes and I was about to freak the heck out when they finally answered.  I got the card cancelled before any weird charges showed up but they had to talk to Sully in order for him to request a new card.  How ridiculous is that?

Sully hadn’t been feeling well to begin with and decided after losing the card that he should work from home.  I am glad he did, not only because I love having him home but he was feeling pretty rotten by the end of the day.  I’d have hated for him to have to drive home like that.   

And the rest of my day was very much like this …



I really did try to get things done but there were too many distractions.  







Phase 2:  Day 9

I didn’t walk or do my strength exercises today.   This afternoon I was still tired and sore from all of the construction work over the weekend.  I decided to give myself a day off.

I am still going strong with the am/pm routines.