Two down and one to go…

I am two thirds of the way through my personal 21 day challenge.  It’s really gone well, I am actually surprised.  My only trip up is my writing, I am working on it but not enough.  I will have to step it up this next week and for my next 21 day challenge.  

I am pretty proud of the fact that I have been able to stay with drinking 72oz of water every day.  That’s pretty huge, during stressful times I’ve gone days without drinking water, which is so bad.  It wasn’t intentional but I would be busy or stressed and turn to soda first.  I feel much better now that I am drinking enough water.  The exercise, dancing and stretching has helped too.  

I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 3 pounds since I started two weeks ago.  I think it’s a good start.

Day 14 

1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 14 (shoulder shimmy, hip rotations and cut turn)

3.  Writing  –  Story Arc

4.  Exercises – Arms/Stretching

5.  Project –  Garage (2 x 15 minutes)


Fun in the sun…

Today is all about the pool.

I should have gotten up earlier but it was 9:00 by the time I got myself into the backyard.  I had my leveling board, level, tape measure and shovels all ready.  I measured the area found the center and started leveling from there.  I got half way around and realized that I needed to start over.  I remeasured, looked at my area and moved the center to a more level part of the yard.  After an hour or so and several breaks I got the yard pretty level.

No that’s not us, but I always get a kick of how cheesy the stock photos look.

We ran some errands around lunchtime, watched the Olympic trials for diving and then prepared to get the pool up and running.  We went back out around 3:00, give or take a few minutes and starting putting water in the pool around 3:45.  The pool was mostly filled by about 6:30.

We swam and relaxed between about 5:00 and 7:00.  It was a bit of work but definitely worth it.  Boo had a great time and Sully really enjoyed being in the pool.

I was back to being excited.  I feel like this summer we are able to give Boo some of those things we weren’t able to do before.

June+1 My June +1 for today is working in the yard.  One of the selling points for getting the pool is the fact that I knew it would make us want to work on the yard.


Celebrating summer…


As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us
As nature shows bounty and fertility
Bless us
Let all things live with loving intent
And to fulfill their truest destiny

Wiccan blessing for Summer


 It’s difficult in Arizona to celebrate the summer, at least for me.  I have a hard time with the temperatures over 110 degrees.  I can stand them, function in them but it’s not my favorite thing.  I’ve already mentioned my other issues in a previous post.  What I have discovered though is that I do pretty well if I have something to look forward to.  This year it’s the trip to San Diego next month.  I am very excited and really looking forward to cooler weather, time at the beach and time with Boo and Sully.

I hope everyone has something to look forward to this summer.


June+1My June +1 for today was enjoying the summer weather.  I sat at Boo’s swim class watching her in the water and really enjoyed the moment.



Getting ready…

Alright, this is it.  I need to get back to my plan, I am supposed to be taking better care of myself, darn it!   Most of March has been spent with me worrying and taking care of everyone else.  I am glad to help, don’t get me wrong but I am the last person on the list and some days I am just too tired by the time I get to me.

This week though, I am gearing up.  I am getting myself ready.  April 1st is on Sunday and April Fool’s Day or not I am going to get myself back on track.

Here is my list to work on this week…

  • Drink more water –  I need to get back to my 64 oz.
  • Stretching –  My legs are always sore by the end of the day, H2O might be involved too.
  • Exercise –  I still have a bit of a cough if I move wrong so this might have to wait.
  • Sleep –  It might be a good idea to get more than 6 hours of sleep every night.
  • Crafts –  I need to keep doing stuff that is not stressful.  Projects help me get stuff done while having a calm few hours.
  • Writing –  I absolutely have to get started on my editing.  I have put it off far too long.

So, Plan A was to start all of this in January and stick to it forever after.  Clearly, it’s time to invoke Plan B, which is to jump back in and plan to stick to it.  Woohoo!!!



In the house…

So thankful!  Sully is working from home again, it’s so nice to have him here.  I know I should be getting stuff done now that he’s home but instead I am hanging out with him while he works.  Although I did get a bunch of stuff organized on my desk, I finally went through that pile of papers.  I even shredded everything in the bin.  Woohoo!  (I know, not really Woohoo! worthy but I am working with what I’ve got here.)

I am also trying to focus on drinking more water.  It’s entirely possible that I am feeling to funky and not all here this week because I haven’t been drinking enough water.  I haven’t been eating all that healthy either but there’s been some stuff going on.  It’s time to refocus or would this be a re-refocus?  I don’t know but I am going to do it.  I promise.

A desk we can all aspire to...

This is Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ desk as viewed on Jennifer Crusie’s blog, Argh Ink.