The last few days the temperatures have been climbing towards 80 degrees, it’s beautiful out but its not quite Spring yet.  Or at least Spring in Arizona.  I think most people here think of Spring as temperatures between 80 and 99 degrees.  Regardless of the temperature, it is time for Spring cleaning.

Mba spring shower

Good shot of the shower curtain and matching towels. Cat not standard accessory.

I decided to start in the Master bathroom, I was ready for the Winter Snowman decor to come down and the Spring Butterflies decor to go up.  It was easy to clean as I took stuff down.  I started in the shower and worked my way across the bathroom, dusting off walls, wiping off doors and light switches.  Winter deco got carried to a table in the great room to be packed up later.  Spring deco was moved in as each section of the bathroom was cleaned.  It worked well, much better than my usual system of bringing in all of the new stuff and switching things piece for piece.  Having half snowmen and half butterflies is a little too discordant and invariabley the next thing that you want to put out is packed at the bottom of the plastic crate.  I still have a few things to deal with but I will be able to do them this week without too much trouble.

Mba spring curtain

I love this doorway into the walk in closet. I started hanging curtains here last year and it really adds so much to the room.






All in all, the day went well.  I am very happy with my progress in the bathroom.  Next is the bedroom, my plan is to continue to work my way across the house.  It might take some time though, I want to be somewhat thorough.  I will most likely have to mull some stuff around in me head to figure out what I really want to do.

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