Prep week…

I have big plans for 2013, too many to count.  Yesterday I mentioned a few but there’s so many more, little, big, personal, public, symbolic, and a few are just to make a point.  I am making a list, writing them all down.  This year I want to get things done.  I want to see some progress, the house, the yard, me, my writing, whatever it is, it’s going to be better this year.    

This week I am working on my plan of attack and then next week it’s on.

In addition to planning I am working on a few things for me…

At the end of 2012, I had slowly started making some changes, more water, less Dr Pepper.  I was feeling like it was ok to take time for me; a morning routine and a night routine.  I started thinking about food choices: more vegetables, less processed foods.  It’s been working, I’ve lost ten pounds between mid October and last Friday.  I actually lost three pounds Christmas week.  How crazy is that?  Losing weight in the middle of all the amazing Christmas food and cookies.

So this week I am…

–  Drinking 48 + ounces of water every day

–  Drinking 12 ounces or less  of Dr Pepper a day.

–  Strength exercises  (abs/legs – Mon/Wed/Fri, arms/back – Tues/Thurs/Sat)-  Walking briskly (10 minutes this week, increasing a little each week)

–  Stretching (everyday with a longer stretch on Sundays)

So far, I am on schedule, I’ve had my water, took my walks, and done my strength exercises.  

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